Volunteer for Knox

We believe in the power of giving back. Our mission is to connect passionate volunteers with local non-profit organisations in need.

About Volunteer for Knox

Volunteer for Knox is a Volunteer Resource Centre (VRC) funded by Knox City Council and our purpose is to increase volunteering opportunities in the City of Knox.

We are jointly governed through a partnership between the five Knox Neighbourhood Houses including Coonara Community House, The Basin Community Centre, Rowville Community Learning Centre and Orana Neighbourhood House.

We supports both Volunteer Involving Organisations and Volunteers. It’s simple we connect volunteers to not-for-profit organisations so that volunteer journey’s can begin as soon as possible.

Sally and Mandy Volunteer for Knox Manager and Co-ordinator
I would like to extend my appreciation for V4K dedicated efforts in supporting and connecting volunteers with volunteer organisations. Your promotional work to recruit new volunteers has been invaluable to us.
Sally Volunteer for Knox Manager

Sally Dusting-Laird


Sally Dusting-Laird is a former journalist who has been working in Adult Education, Community Development and the Neighbourhood House sector for the past 20 years. She has managed and worked with many volunteer teams during that time and was employed as the Volunteer for Knox co-ordinator in 2015.

Sally is a recognised and qualified professional leader of volunteers (Volunteer Victoria Continuous Professional Development Program). She has a passion for helping people realise their potential and use their skills to assist others. 

Our Manager Sally Dusting-Laird was awarded Runner Up in the Volunteer Victoria Community Partnerships Award in 2021, and Finalist in Volunteer Victoria Community Partnership Award in 2023. 

Mandy Limb Volunteer for Knox Co-ordinator

Mandy Limb


Mandy Limb is a qualified Early Childhood Educator, trainer and assessor. Joining the team in 2021 she brings a passion for her community with a strong focus on community engagement to recognise and promote awareness of the benefits of volunteering through Expo’s, festivals and celebration days. Being a volunteer herself she understands the rewarding journey it can bring. 

Mandy is a recognised and qualified professional leader of volunteers (Volunteer Victoria Continuous Professional Development Program).

Volunteer for Knox Annual Report

Our slogan is “Change Someone’s World.”

Statistics reveal we are indeed doing that! Our data shows Volunteer for Knox is growing significantly every year especially with new enquiries for advertised volunteer positions. 

Our Generous Supporters
Volunteer for Knox has been supported by a grant from the Knox Council Community Partnership Fund. Volunteer for Knox is governed by Knox Learning Alliance and is a member of Volunteering Victoria.