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Are you passionate about giving back to your community, but not sure where to start? Volunteer for Knox is here to help!

We recognise and celebrate volunteers impact and are passionate about making change so enquire today and find out how you can change someone’s world by volunteering in Knox!

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Volunteer for Knox makes it easy for not-for-profit organisations to find dedicated and passionate volunteers. We connect organisations with individuals who want to make a positive impact in their community. Register your organisation today and start recruiting the volunteers you need!

Get inspired by the stories of our amazing volunteers and discover how volunteering can make a positive difference in your life and the lives of those around you.

Training Opportunities

The Volunteer Resource Centre, available through Volunteer for Knox, is dedicated to expanding volunteer opportunities for both individuals and organisations in Knox. We also provide details of a range of training courses and resources to support all levels of volunteers. From newcomers to seasoned veterans, the Volunteer Resource Centre has the tools and resources you need to make the most of your volunteering experience.
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Your assistance has connected us with a few new female Board members and for this we thank you as they are terrific.