Computer Basics – Build Your Confidence & Update Your Skills

Do you have the slightest idea on how the computer works? “What is going on with my computer system?” You may not want to learn everything about computers but understanding your computer helps you to use it with ease in your study, work and life. Topics covered: Understanding the keys on the keyboard & how […]

Intermediate Digital Skills

Revision of basic digital skills including changing settings, blocking phone calls, text messages and emails, including scanning and signing PDF’s, creating emails with attachments, editing photos and downloading and updating apps and operating systems.

Digital Essentials Level 1

Need help using smartphones and tablets? Small classes with friendly tutor, non threatening environment. Learning what your devices can do besides text and call people. Take photos, update Apps, send and receive emails, blocking phone calls and emails. Creating a My Gov account, learn about internet banking and scam awareness, linking Centrelink or ATO to […]